Harry Kane, the real deal or one hit wonder?

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Tottenham Hotspur

  • Appearances: 42
  • Goals            : 28
  • Assists          :   4


  • Appearances : 1
  • Goals                  : 1

There is no doubt that Harry Kane is the talk of premier league season. The London born striker’s scintillating form that has left many people in awe and frankly a little surprised too. Previously spending seasons on loan at Leyton Orient, Milwall, Norwich City and Leicester City, Kane has exploded onto the scene bagging 28 goals in all competitions this season and becoming  a key part of Pocchettino’s side.

His impressive 19 goals in this season premier league earned him a call up to the national side. Last nights game against Lithuania saw the boy wonder ( no Robin pun intended) come off the bench and make without a doubt make an impact so quickly that blinking would have seen you miss it. Just 78 seconds after striding onto the pitch for his England debut, he was wheeling away in celebration ( not an uncommon sight this season) after heading the ball into the sprawling Lithuania keeper and over the line. 3 touches is all it took.

Now for the question that is probably on many peoples minds. Is this the start of Kane’s flourishing goal scoring career or is this just a one off?

A valid and very poignant question.

Lets begin by breaking down Kane’s stats this season to give a better idea of how the striker is doing.

Harry Kane has taken a total of 82 shots in his 26 appearances from Tottenham this season, with 19 goals scored gives Kane a conversion rate of 23.17%

Putting this into perspective, Cristiano Ronaldo’s conversion rate: 20.26%, Lionel Messi’s stands at 23.36% and Alexandre Lacazette is currently converting 28.75% of his chances.

Now of course comparing Kane to the likes of Ronaldo and Messi may not seem like fair, however you can clearly see the young striker is holding his own boasting a higher conversion rate than Ronaldo, whilst only just being outdone by Lionel Messi, with Alexandre Lacazette out in front by some way.

Kane’s goals do not stop flowing outside the premier league either, notching a cool 6 goals in 8 Europa league matches and adding 4 more in the Capital one cup. His goal scoring exploits certainly show he is more than capable of preforming at the highest level but the question remains can he repeat this again next season. His goal to game ratio and his chance conversion rate shows he can, though there are a few more things to mention.

Kane celebrating one of his 19 league goals

For starters, competition, or to put it correctly lack of competition. Roberto Soldado and Emanuel Adebayor have simply not turned up for Tottenham this season, which has put a lot of pressure on Kane to lead the line , having only missed 3 games. Take nothing away from Kane he still has to put the ball in the back of the net but momentum is a big part of any players game, and Kane has been allowed to build that momentum with the lack of competition at the club.

Random fact: Harry Kane has failed to score in 22 of his 42 appearances for Spurs this season. Do with that what you will

Burning out. This is the fear for many a top player in football and unfortunately it is a very real problem for Kane. With the Under 21’s European championship fast approaching this summer, there is a lot of talk whether or not Kane’s participation would be a good thing. Having already made a total of 42 appearances over the season and with games still to play, there is a growing fear that continuing to play throughout the summer may  impact negatively towards his performances in the 2015/16 season. There is of course only one way to find out, and that solely depends on Kane’s involvement in the tournament.

Kane will have to work hard to repeat the feat of this season, and the combined threat of a summer full of football and the dreaded second season syndrome may see him struggle to have the same impact. However he is still young and there are clearly goals in him and as Frank Sinatra once said, ‘ The best is yet to come’.

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